Mike & Leslie
Owners - 3rd Generation Collision Repair

Michael's 36 years of experience ranges from his family-owned Collision Center's to Toyota and Chevrolet Dealership Collision Center Management.  Michael also brings fourteen years of experience as an Insurance claims professional with five years as an Insurance Claims Supervisor for three major Insurance companies. Leslie is a numbers whiz, who is an exceptional accounting and finance specialist.

Donald Feeley Sr.
 Mike's Father - 2nd Generation Collision Repair

Donald was a lifelong collision repair specialist for over 60 years. Being the proud owner of City Body and Frame from 1976-2014, he found it hard to retire from his passion. Over his career, he taught young Michael the business and his sharpened mechanical skills. Donald is known as an honest, straight shooter that was committed to his craft, his customers, and his industry. 

Francis Feeley
Mike's Grandfather - 1st Generation Collision Repair

Mike's Grandfather Francis was the 1st Auto Repair Specialist in the family. He owned ESSO Gas-Waltham Garage in Waltham, MA. From 1952-1965 his garage was a complete auto repair shop and gas station. This garage sold gas, specialized in general auto mechanics, and auto body repair which was common for that time period. This is where Donald Sr., Mike's father, learned his trade. 


514 E. 2nd Street Santa Ana, CA 92701

M-F: 8:00am-5:30pm

SAT: By Appointment Only


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