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There are many variations of auto body paint and the techniques used to apply it. We offer the highest quality of paint for auto body refinishing. These paint colors are typically a deep pearlescent sheen that appears to be about 2 inches deep from the surface, when viewed on the vehicle. This process of auto refinishing requires a 3 step process:


1) A milky dull base coat is applied first. 2) Then the pearlescent material called Mica is sprayed over the base coat. 3) The clear coat is sprayed over the Mica coat. This process (after being buffed) creates a brilliant, glossy, and deep, glossy finish. This 3 Stage process of auto body painting is both time consuming and expensive. The process must not be attempted by a novice painter. A paint technician with years of experience who has mastered this finishing process is highly recommended. 3 Stage Auto Collision only employs experienced painters who have mastered this technique after years of practical application. We proudly spray Akzo-Nobel Sikkens paint. Sikkens is known worldwide as the top auto refinishing material that a shop can spray. All Sikkens materials are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee. 


Another common technique, also known as the Base Coat/Clear Coat, is the most popular and it is the finish that most cars on the road have today. It is a process of applying:


1) A milky dull base coat. 2) The clear coat solution is applied directly to the base coat. The clear coat makes the base coat appear deep and glossy. With a good buffing the gloss is terrific and gives a classy, timeless appearance. 


The final finishing technique that is prevalent today is simply spraying a glossy color directly to the surface you are painting. This process requires 3-4 coats to get a decent gloss and allows very little buffing, due to dulling that can take place easily, if the buffer is applied too heavily. This is the most inexpensive process of auto body refinishing. It takes less time and materials, but the gloss and depth of colors are limited. At 3 Stage Auto Collision we are experts at all 3 processes of auto body painting. We always recommend the finish that the manufacturer used during at the time the vehicle was originally made. We also guarantee a color match. Your auto body paint is the final process of a repair. If applied properly, it should appear as the original paint color and ultimately an undetectable repair.


Paintless dent repair is the art of removing a dent from dented sheet metal or aluminum. This repair process is quite different than the traditional hammer and dollying used to flatten a dent in a truck or car. Specialized dent removal tools are needed for this dent removal process. These tools are available in a wide variety of hooked metal shafts, that are beveled at the ends. At the ends of these hooks are hard plastic protector caps, to help ensure the auto manufacturer E-coat is not scratched, where rust could potentially set in later.


Sometimes interior trim and parts will need to be removed to provide access to the dented panels. Over the years these specialized tools have become more and more advanced and the industry is constantly developing new tools and technologies. This helps prevent the removal of parts or interior in most cases.


The latest technology uses very powerful adhesives which are applied to the dented surface to attach pulling tabs to slowly (and with very technical skill) remove dents without having to affect the parts of the vehicle that are being serviced. As these pulling tabs are being secured by the adhesives to the damaged panel, a pulling arm is used to pull out the dents in the panels. The result is less intrusive on the vehicle and its parts, as well as rust protection materials involved with the panels being repaired. This procedure is not recommended if the vehicle's paint is broken, cracked, or scratched beyond the clear coat.


Paintless dent removal is more prevalent than ever. Years ago auto body shops saw this process as a threat. Luckily over the years, thats stigma has changed and this technique is utilized in all modern day and quality-driven auto body shops. This process gives the customer a more affordable option compared to the more expensive hammering and dollying, which always requires painting after. 3 Stage Auto Collision utilizes paintless dent removal whenever possible. We do this to protect the car or truck being serviced, by not disturbing the factory finish and rust protection. This also gives our customers another repair option that happens to be 1/3 the cost of a more traditional repair and painting of a dented surface.

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