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Towing is a very important part of our 3 Stage Service package. It is almost always required or recommended to tow a vehicle that has been in an accident. Today's vehicles have so many safety features built into the exterior panels and these panels are typically affected first in a collision. Towing can actually prevent further incident by securing the vehicle involved, and keeping the driver safe. Newer vehicles have safety systems built into them that can steer the vehicle for you if it senses an object or unsafe maneuver is being attempted. In the event of an accident where the panel sensors are mounted on smashed or damaged panels it could cause the vehicle to pull out of the hands of the driver, or stop suddenly because the sensors are out of position or damaged. Towing takes these risks out of the equation and safely transports the damaged vehicle to our shop.


Towing the vehicle directly to our shop is crucial because we want the vehicle to arrive in the exact same condition and mileage from when the accident took place. This process prevents additional damages that could be caused by attempting to drive a damaged vehicle. The onboard computers in vehicles today are time and mileage stamped when an incident occurs. When the vehicle is towed to us directly, we can be confident that all the “trouble codes” pulled from our electronic scanners are current.


Towing should also be considered when a lamp is broken. Whether it is a headlamp, or signal lamp, it is unsafe to drive the vehicle with a lamp out. Insurance companies will also urge their customers to avoiding driving their vehicles with a lamp out, as you can get injury to yourself or others.


If you are a fleet manager, owner and/or operator of fleet vehicles, we are your go-to shop. We work with all fleet management companies and offer them very competitive rates. The 3 Stage Auto Collision team are experts with documentation and photography of damages to fleet vehicles. The proper records must be maintained for fleet vehicles protect the overall investment.


Services that are rendered at 3 Stage Auto Collision will meet and exceed the high standards and expectations of fleet managers/owners/operators. We have the training and knowledge that sets us apart from other collision shops. All of our technicians are I-CAR Platinum trained and 3 Stage Auto Collision is a Gold Certified shop with I-CAR. This means that we take training, safety, and quality serious enough to invest thousands of dollars into this top-tier training. These certifications are obtained so that our customers can have peace of mind that any repairs will be done properly and carefully.


At 3 Stage, we have a quick and easy intake process where we obtain a copy of your Fleet ID Card and promptly notify your Fleet Management Company (if applicable) of the current condition of the vehicle(s) and the repair amount. This ensures our customer, whether a fleet manager, owner, or operator gets back on the road and back to business as usual. This is part of our 3 Stage Service Package, which is our promise and guarantee of customer satisfaction.

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