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How To Choose An Auto Body Collision Repair Shop

Updated: May 1, 2021

You can always begin your search by asking for recommendations from your friends and family or consult with your insurance to get a list of recommended shops. Once you receive a few recommendations, check whether the repair shop is ASE or Gold Class Standard Certified.

Repair shops that are ASE or Gold Class are vetted to include trained technicians that repair vehicles using the right tools and methods.

Did you know that only 20% of the [collision] repair shops have completed the diligent training requirements to meet the Gold Class standard?

When businesses earn the Gold Class standard, they generally display the GoldClass logo on their marketing material, including their brochures and websites, to help potential clients identify them as highly trained experts and gain trust.

What Does the ASE or Gold Class Standard Certification Mean?

Technology and cars are constantly evolving and incorporate new parts and new technology. Similar to all industries, professionals need constant training and updating to ensure the highest quality of service is provided to the client.

Collision repair shops that carry the ASE or Gold Standard Certification are trained on:

  • Making the right decisions when repairing your car, including cost, safety, and quality

  • Finding hidden damages that need to be addressed to avoid further problems with your car

  • Understanding and implementing the latest repair techniques, technologies, and procedures

  • Identifying if something can be fixed or needs a complete replacement

Ensure That Your Shop Follows OEM Partial Part Procedure

OEM stands ‘ Original Equipment Manufacturer,’ and it simply means that these parts originate directly from the source, which is the car manufacturer or authorized suppliers. OEM parts are identical to the parts you need to replace; thus, they are brand new, they last longer, and are generally the best quality and fit for your car.

When compared with aftermarket parts, they are superior in quality and longevity. Aftermarket parts sometimes are not the right fit, which can cause further damage to your car.

The OEM partial part procedure ensures that your chosen shop replaces a damaged part at a factory seam. The process requires the removal of the original attachment to disassemble and assemble at the original factory seam. The method introduces new welding to the panel.

To elaborate further, you need to understand how different areas of your car are created using different types of material, whether it is steel or aluminum. The material reacts differently to heat. Therefore when manufacturers allow for a partial replacement, the technicians know that it is safe to weld a new panel at the factory seam or even join them.

Ensure That Your Shop Handles Insurance

Having the right auto repair insurance policy in place is critical so you can access the highest quality care if needed. When a consumer lacks car insurance, there is a risk that the ‘wrong’ auto shop can take advantage of this and charge an endless amount of money for services provided.

Benefits Of Using A Shop That Handles Insurance

Save Money and Time

When your chosen shop works with your insurance company, it can result in significant savings in time and money. You save time because they have policies and procedures in place. This can also mean that your repairs will be done [possible] faster.

Minimize Paperwork

You are already overwhelmed and stressed because of the collision and all the nuisances that came with not having your car. The last thing you want to deal with is massive amounts of paperwork. When your collision repair shop and your insurance company are collaborating, you have way less to worry about, and they take the lead in doing all the paperwork.

Access To A Rental

While waiting for your car to be repaired, you can’t just place everything on hold! You still need to go to work and drive the kids around to all the activities, shop, visit friends and family, and do your daily errands. When you work with a shop that accepts your insurance, you can secure a rental for free while your car is getting repaired in many cases.

Check your policy to make sure you have the car rental benefit added.

Do your research and ask questions. Your collision repair shop is essentially your cars ‘clinic’. Use the tips provided above as a helpful guide and have an open discussion with the shop you choose. A good company will always take the time to listen to their clients and answer your questions.

Everybody is entitled to a first class quality repair and this is the only thing you will receive at 3 Stage Auto Collision.

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Joseph Heller
Jan 05, 2023

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