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Is Your Repair Shop Using the Right Tools?

Updated: May 1, 2021

Every excellent auto repair shop is stocked with high-quality tools.

Whether you are looking to have simple maintenance done or fix significant damages to your car, it is vital to make sure that your auto repair shop works with the right tools, materials, and equipment.

Mechanics and repair experts use tools to complete various tasks when it comes to repairs and makes the job easier. There are specific tools designed for certain tasks. Many manufacturers offer unique tools designed to assist repair shops in providing a certain quality of premium repair care to their clients.

This article will introduce our leading suppliers and why we choose to work with their premium equipment, parts, and materials.

We want our clients to feel safe in their choice to work with us.

But we do not want to ask for your trust. We want to share with you our suppliers and show you why we can walk the talk.

LKQ Online

This is one of North America's largest online marketplaces for used/recycled original parts (OE) and equipment. LKQ Online offers recycled components that are the perfect fit, meet the highest quality standards, and provide long-lasting performance for our clients. Since LKQ Online offers some of the best cost-effective deals on the market, we can pass on these savings to our clients. Simultaneously, by utilizing recycled parts during our repairs, we extend a positive impact on the environment as the ecological impact of using recycled parts is minimized compared to brand new features.

*3 Stage Auto Collision always recommends OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) parts and standards of repair. These standards from the manufacturers of vehicles are there to ensure that your vehicle is returned to its pre-accident condition. We do understand that some Insurance companies insist and write into policies the use of non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) parts. In this case only when the customer approves will we use parts known as After Market parts rather than the recommended Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) parts to repair your vehicle.


Keystone Automotive Industries, Inc., is the largest aftermarket supplier of auto parts in the United States. We choose to work with them because they offer significant-high-quality and low-cost replacement OEM parts. Keystone auto parts include body parts such as hoods, bumpers, fenders, grilles, wheels, etc. Again, their low-cost alternative to OEM parts allows us to extend our clients' financial benefits without compromising quality.

Akzo Nobel Sikkens

Akzo Nobel Sikkens are global leaders in the decorative paint industry. These guys are experts, and they are part of a vast network making it easy for us to service our clients in all their paint needs. It does not matter what type of surface or situation you are experiencing; we know that Akzo Nobel Sikkens can access any paint product we might need.

They are known to push the limits and play with innovation to create cutting-edge products in quality and beauty.

3M Products

3M Products are our guys for abrasive, adhesives, and coatings that can address any auto body repair issues. 3M Products are the creators of the groundbreaking:

  • 3M™ Cubitron™ II and Trizact™ abrasives

  • 3M™ Platinum™ body fillers

  • 3M™ Perfect-It™ compounds, polishes, and pads

Their 3M™ Accuspray™ ONE spray gun, combined with their 3M™ PPS™ paint preparation system, produces the ultimate efficiency in auto body paint and coating application.

Using 3M Products allows us to deliver nothing but the best to our clients.


Car-O-Liner provides the highest quality collision repair equipment in the automotive market today. These guys have been around for over 40 years and are continually feeding the industry with innovation, continuous development, training, and superb support. As a result, we can offer the same to our clients!

Pro-Spot Welding

Pro-Spot Welding is a leader in their industry, and if you have not noticed the pattern yet, we only work with the best. They provide aluminum and steel dent repair systems, resistance spot welders, river guns, and other tools. Their products include dust-free systems, plastic repair, and more.

Pro-Spot Welding provides all their technicians with on-going training to ensure we are always up to date, which results in the best possible service for our clients.

It is worth noting that Pro-Spot Welding has two ASE certified training programs, the I-CAR alliance approved.

Dent Fix

For dents, we utilize tools provided by Dent Fix Equipment that provide cutting-edge and innovative tools for the past 40 years. We choose to work with these tools to help our technicians finish the job faster, saving money. We can pass these savings on to our clients.

Spray King Cross Flow

Spray King Cross Flow provides hundreds of products via mail-order catalogs and various websites directly to body shops and automotive repair shops. These guys have the highest quality paint booths, made in the USA, and they are fully compliant with OSHA and NFPA 33 guidelines.

Heated Booth Standard

These guys have a strong history in providing only the best equipment and services to automotive refinish shops, giving our clients a flawless finish on their paint jobs.

Mirka Solution Vacuum

Mirka Solutions are leaders in finishing surface technologies designing their products for precisions, providing us with the best flexible abrasives and patented products. They are now giving micro finishing products and polishing compounds. Mirka Solutions are global suppliers providing solutions to over 100 countries. Only the very best for our clients


Here is why I-CAR and ASE certification is essential when looking for a repair shop:

  • I-CAR is a global certificate indicating that the appropriate training has been completed, and the shop is dedicated to providing the best quality care for its clients.

  • I-CAR certification ensures that everyone involved in the industry, from technicians to office staff are trained.

  • The I-CAR certificate is renewed yearly to ensure the repair shop is always up to date and adequately trained.

  • I-CAR is a non-profit entity, guaranteeing an unbiased approach.

  • I-CAR opened a collision repair forum available to anyone interested in participating.

We at 3 Stage Auto Collision proudly display the I-CAR logo and adhere to the higher quality care and repair standards.

What is an ASE CERTIFIED Technician?

Technicians who have the ASE certification have completed a two-year degree in automotive repair. Once they complete their training, they can apply for the certificate.

The testing is complicated, with one-third of the participants failing on their first attempt.

ASE tests trainees utilizing more than 40 exams in:

  • Automobiles

  • Collision repairs

  • Medium and heavy trucks

  • Truck equipment

  • School busses

Over 300,000 professionals are ASE-certified, and we are proud to have these specialists at 3 Stage Auto Collision backed up with years of experience & ready to repair your vehicle right the first time!

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