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Car Body Frame Safety & Why Auto Body Repairs are Important

When drivers begin their research to find an auto body shop, it is always helpful to know a few basic things about the car body frame safety and why auto body collision repair is essential. This article will explain car body frame safety, why drivers need to take care of dent removal, auto body paint, how to find an auto body repair shop, and why body repair for your vehicle is essential.

Introduction to Car Body Frame Safety

Let’s explore the basic terms for body frame safety.

Body-On-Frame Vehicle

When you visit an auto body shop, you will likely hear a few terms being thrown around. Start by thinking of your car’s frame as the foundation for the vehicle. The frame will carry the rest of the elements, such as the engine. Early cars took a simple frame, and this basic design is still used today. However, as technology and design concepts evolved with time, we now have more complex body-on-frame designs (SUVs, for example). Also, more oversized vehicles such as trucks still are designed on a body-on-frame concept.

Why is Body-on-Frame Popular?

Body-on-frame is popular for trucks and other vehicles because:

  • They provide higher clearance

  • Off-road capabilities

  • Greater flexibility for a variety of terrains

  • Towing capabilities

  • Easier to modify if needed

  • Frames can be used for multiple designs

  • Easier and cheaper for car body repair

What are Some Unpopular Elements for Body-on-Frame?

  • They are heavier

  • They consume more fuel (due to the weight)

  • Lower scores on crash test

The Importance of Auto Restoration

When you are involved in an auto accident, you will need either major collision or minor collision auto body repair.

However, many drivers might wonder why fix their car if it is still drivable?

Many drivers get stuck because they do not know a good auto body shop, and they feel that they lack knowledge on how to pick a good one.

None of the above are good reasons to avoid auto body repair. What a lot of drivers do not consider is the cost of keeping the damages on the car. Let’s check out why it is crucial to do dent repair, dent removal, color matching, color painting, and other general auto body repairs.

Prevent On-Going Damage

Although cosmetic damages might not prevent you from driving the car, sometimes these cosmetics damages go deeper than the untrained eye can see. For example, fender damage can strain other parts such as the wheels and other components under the hood.

Restoring Functions

If your lights were damaged in an accident, it could result in a ticket. It would be best if you made sure that your headlights, taillights, and turn signals are functioning for your safety and the safety of your fellow drivers.

Passing Your State Inspection Process

State Inspection is a mandatory process, and seemingly minor auto damages can prevent you from passing the inspection. If you fail your state inspection, it can lead to a ticket. Visiting an auto body shop can help you avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Staying Compliant with Your Insurance

If you have been involved in an accident and filed an insurance claim for auto repair for your car but never went through with the actual repair, it can negatively affect the future. For example, your insurance company can deduct any pre-existing damage from future settlements. Keeping money that you collected for auto repair could be considered insurance fraud.

Keep Sale Value Up

If in the future, you want to sell your car and your automotive paint is not matched, or you have dents and other damages, it will lead to a lower resale value.

If you live in the Santa Ana, CA, area and you are looking to schedule an estimate meeting, 3 Stage Auto Collision employs some of the best ASE certified trained technicians. Our auto body shop is ready to fix your car and help you avoid further damages and tickets. We are prepared to walk you through the estimating process. Contact us today at (714) 550-7758.

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